Monday, April 30, 2007

The frog of the well

When the water dried up,the frog made his way out of the well.He was almost blind so he sniffed the new world and found it identical to the well.It was same moisture and same darkness.He found worms,insects and plenty of mosquitoes all around.He started living in a pond where a girl caught him.She brought him home as a pet.One weekend the guests came; after consuming alcohol they became loud.These high sounds reminded him the frogs of the well.He thought that must be a mating season.

Friday, April 27, 2007

A tiny little candle

At midnight I decided to be away from the news at least for a week.In the morning I read the newspaper thoroughly.There were many sad,bad news,extremely violent and too dark.
Too many cruel secrets have taken refuge in darkness. I decided to search for some good news with a tiny little candle.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The poverty and recycling

He was the fifth generation of barbers.While arranging my hair he proudly announced:
"He had a scissor in his blood.”
Recycling is front-page news all over the prosperous world.I did not join any waste management course, recycling crawled naturally in my life.People made grocery bags from old newspapers;they sold old dry bread in kilo price.The carpenters sold the small pieces of waste wood for household fuel.The bakery sold ashes as dishwashing material.
One could sell all kinds of bottles,old bricks,old shoes and old clothes,even broken glass and mirrors.
The weak economy prevents useful material being wasted.The same attitude is required in high economic activities.The recycling concept should not only flow in the veins of poverty.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good Mr.Lion King

I have been Liberal party leader for one whole decade.
I adopted populist strategy.I dragged my political party to the bottom.
I was surrounded by loyal group of people,who protected me with filtered information.I am Swedish Minister for Education and Science.Yesterday afternoon I was forced to resign as party leader.I am shocked.
I am Lars Lejonsborg.I was called:“The Lion King.”

Monday, April 23, 2007

A Life of Ease and Luxury

Once all was very simple, simple pleasures and simple complications.There were simple kitchens with few utensils;there we cooked three simple meals a day.We worked hard to earn those meals.We fought gallantly against diseases and poverty; it was simple, but not happy time.
We brought prosperity to us;our needs were not meagre anymore.Our newly renovated kitchens got hundreds of utensils,though no warm meal at all.We decided to buy every single invention to make our life comfortable or complicated.There is a national debate in Sweden about the prices of luxury items.It appeared an article in “Namn och nytt"about one lady handbag in seventy thousand-price class.Few days latter the daily Dagens Nyheter wrote an editorial about the bag with a half page red bag illustration.
Of course I was taken aback to hear the price of the bag,but I am not bothered and it is not alarming.What terrify me most are the toys,which we buy for our twenty years old kids.We give them million dollars magnificent killing machines and sophisticated war aeroplanes.We spend unimaginable amounts to buy all those toys and voluntarily put their and other’s lives in danger.People - buy the bags with clear conscious in the price of 70 thousand SK,buy accessories,jewellery and perfumes.Buy cosmetics and “all the men’s essentials”,spoil yourselves and spoil yours nearest with luxurious items,create a purchase festival every day of your life,buy a life of ease and luxury and shout loudly:No more war toys for the kids.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Blue by Anna Khan

“May there only be peaceful and cheerful Earth Days to come for our beautiful Spaceship Earth as it continues to spin and circle in frigid space with its warm and fragile cargo of animate life.”
United Nations Secretary-General

Friday, April 20, 2007

A land of tribes and clans

The roadside bombs are blasting,hundreds and thousands are losing their lives,bloodshed all around and massacres at the streets of Baghdad.Every home is burying their dead,all are mourning.
A country where two hundred tribes and more than two thousands clans have been living side by side from centuries.These days they all are unable to communicate and their talk has collapsed.There are religious and ethnic groups - Shias, Sunnis, Wahabies, Yazidies,Kurds,Assyrians,Shabaki,Domi and Turkmanelies,they all are at war.
We know the victims,but we have no real knowledge of the perpetrators.All the superpowers and all the men of the superpowers with all their superior weapons, technology and unlimited resources have failed to stop the bloodshed.The allied forces kill, the extremist religious groups kill,the tribes and clans kill,political groups kill and criminals kill.The massacres are happening on the name of freedom, religion, and patriotism and on the name of democracy.It is high time to restore the communication;need to talk to all political parties,every tribe,every single clan, all the religious and ethnic groups,speak to every bird,which fly in the air and every beast within sight.The gigantic apocalyptic war in the land of unwalled villages must end.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Violent normality

Cho-Seung-Hui was 23 years of age, a student from South Korea. He behaved normal and lived among all other normal people. He performed all the daily normal rituals, attended all the classes like a normal student. There was no registered complain of any misbehaviour or misconduct against him,no abnormality was detected and he did not have criminal record.
One unfortunate morning the real, cruel and violent Cho Seung Hui exposed himself and massacred his fellow students.
How could it happen?
How many Cho-Seung Hui are living in our neighbourhood and functioning like normal people?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Massacre at Virginia

A moment of silence in the memory of those who left home for university in search of knowledge,but never came back.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Trendy & stylish Retro looks

In the period of wealth and prosperity new realities emerged,the kings threw their golden robs;adopted mobs’dress cod,went into background and became kingmakers.The clergy changed their styles,new words,new terminologies,new ideologies,new trends and new styles came to existence and new passions were discovered.It was the beginning of the new Era where we rejoiced the newfound prosperity.We replaced the grandmother’s furniture, hand-made; hand carved wooden mahogany large size table with newly designed well-finished white plastic table and lightweight chairs.The sofa,the bed, writing table,old big radio with husky sound,the huge and loud wall clock,we threw them all.We replaced all what was the reminder of old world with latest ”in-things”. We covered our dreadful walls with plaster hardboard and plywood.We made the walls smooth and pleasant to touch. We placed wall-to-wall carpets to cover the original floor,concealed electricity wiring,concealed ventilation pipes,the trend was to cover all and everything.We followed fashions,trends and styles.We all behaved in same manner,all had same activities,same attitude,same ideas and same taste.
One day the trend changed.We threw our plastic furniture and brought the grandmother’s furniture back to our homes.We paid substantial amount to buy it.We started peeling off the plaster from the walls,throwing away the wall-to-wall carpets so to expose the original floor.We exhibited our huge,ugly metal ventilation pipes with pride and wiring was not concealed anymore.We started wearing grandmother's, grandfather’s clothes and their jewellery.We are stylish, trendy and fashionable people with retro looks.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The dance of Zeros

The teacher examined the papers,drew a big circle,wrote zero with red ink on top of the paper and handed over to the student.The husband declared loudly in anger that he had zero respect for his wife.She concluded her arguments in the courtroom with a phrase: they all were nobodies,just zeros.There is zero to say,zero balance,zero hour and zero is freezing point.
Zero is the most important and talismanic number.It is the most powerful and stubborn number, zero divided by zero remains zero.Zero multiplied by zero is zero.The sum of zero remains unchanged and never loses its identity.Mesopotamians,Babylonians,Mayans- they all valued the zero and used it for their needs.The Hindus used the zero for privileged knowledge and secret cods in esoteric scripts.
In our digital world zeros got a major role to play.The right hand zero and left hand zero,they all are everywhere,they are crooning,singing and dancing.They have created an unbelievable magic.They have tremendous power on me.
Zero bank balance makes me sad, but zero interest rates make me happy.In spite of their powerful position, zero remains zero.In Arabic zero means – nothing,in Sanskrit it means empty.Zero carries an ancient Greek curse:”How can nothing be something?”

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The illusion of time

There were lot many terms used concerning time. Most commonly used phrases were: hard time, bad time, happy time, minimum expenditure of time, maximum expenditure of time, waste of time, the track of time, time flew and time stopped. The time obtained social and economical importance. Time is money- one heard the phrases hundred times a day. Time was real and it was all around. It had personal value; the busses, trains and planes schedule was 9:03 -11:07–or 12: 31. Every minute was well counted .The whole industrialized world was obsessed with time.
In East and Far East time was not a reality. When somebody asked a passer-by, what’s the time? Answer was: “ two, three, four.” What is his age? - “Thirty, forty, fifty” was the answer. When did it happen? “Four, five, six months before.” The same three guesses appeared. Nobody took the time serious; time was not a reality, but a measure. It was an illusion.
Flip –changes crawled silently and secretly in East and Far East. The time concept was cloned in that part of the world. Today millions of Eastern data experts are staring their computers, counting seconds and adjusting themselves according to the GMT. Time became real. It is measuring quantity, quality and events. Time is all around, and it is not an illusion, but a global reality.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

All three seasons

There are too many demons and angels in my past,deep darkness and bright daylight,glamour,joy and sadness,they all travel hand in hand and side by side.The past make me sad,depress and happy.At time I feel most of my problems belong to yesterday.I am trapped in the past.The past has blocked my way,disrupted the flow of energies.I must bring my attention to the present and to this very moment.I decided that today I am going to deal with the problems of today.
Today was hard, tiresome heavy day, children’s sicknesses, their day-care and daily schools routines, traffic jam,dissatisfied colleagues and boss, sad atmosphere at work, lousy lunch, dry eyes, aching body, piles of bills,increase in interest rate,brutal violence near and far,high stress quotient and crash in stock market.Today’s realities are harsh,disturbing and have consumed all my energies.I must take my attention away from today.I must look forward and think about the future.
It took a while,but I created a future with miraculous perfection.The future is delicately attached with a silk thread to my present.The present and the future are intermingled with each other in a manner that tiny little change in today’s weather can affect my future.There were few economical storms today; few emotional tsunamis and that injured my future.The future is making me nervous.I am trapped in future that might not come.There are merits and demerits, but I feel welcome in the home of all three seasons.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Yesterday's deception

Yesterday people smoked in the cinema houses, trains, offices, banks, schools, colleges, and universities and in the hospitals. There were big roadside neon signs with a picture of a cowboy in Marlboro valley. There were cigarette advertisements in every section of press; the cinema houses ran advertisements in previews. A half necked tall blond girl came out of a swimming pool, lit a cigarette with a smile and in the background one could hear a song –”Satisfaction”. The doctors in white coats examined the patients holding a cigarette in their hands or lips. The doctors issued statements about the benefits of the cigarettes. The intelligentsia smoked strongest cigarette to prove their sharpness.
Yesterday people got lifetime imprisonment or death penalty, when proved communist and few meters away people were sent to Siberia on the suspicions of being capitalist. Yesterday all over the world the Islamic religious parties were close allied of West World.

Yesterday was a lie; yesterday I was deceived by whole bunch of trustworthy people. Today I need to be vigilant, not to relay blindly on intelligentsia, experts, politicians and clergy.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

A whole world of pain

There has been a developed pain relief methods in all-ancient civilisations. They used music; temperature, weight, certain movements, herbs, spices, perfumes and hypnosis to manage pain. The Chinese practised Acupuncture, alternative body energy methods.
The pain phenomenon was a science and now it is merely information. We divided pain in different categories:
Background pain, transitory pain, stable, persistent and chronicle pain and produced painkiller for all categories. There is a whole world of pain and there is a whole load of painkillers. Once the cigarette manufactures marketed a killer - item and now the pharmaceutical companies have adopted identical strategy to market pain killers. It must be a coincident.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Involuntary smile

One bright sunny day appeared a smile on my face and remained all the day along. This smile that reached to the eyes provoked a whole lot of people. The buss driver was bothered by my smile. I bought newspaper and few magazines and handed a five hundred kronor bill to the person on the counter. He noticed my smile, examined the bill very carefully, went to another corner, put the bill under blue light to confirm the authenticity. The smile created quite many unpleasant situations. People showed their disapproval, suspicions and anger. Once smile was called natural painkiller. It is not any more, smile does not create smile, it raises suspicions, it provokes people and it triggers anxiety. The involuntary smile is badly injured.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Future generations and natural Prozac

Those who got sudden reduction or increase in appetite, those who started losing or gaining weight, excessive sleep or inability to sleep, they all were diagnosed as depressed. The symptoms of depression were feeling of helplessness; lose of energy, feelings of euphoria, excessive guilt, thoughts of death. All the people, who were depressed or had any neurological disorder, they all got tranquilizers named: Valium, Zoloft, Ativan, Diazepam, Clarocet or Prozac. They got immediate relief from social anxiety and depression. Millions of people consumed tons of tranquilizers, flushed their toilets few millions time. Valium, Prozac and all other antidepressive Pharmacia penetrated deep into the ground water.
The future generations need not to worry about depression; there would be a natural Prozac in mother’s milk.

Happy Seder

First day of the Jewish holiday Passover.