Monday, May 26, 2008

The Ugliness of Xenophobia

South Africans are brutally killing their fellow Africans.The economical immigrants mostly from Mozambique and Zimbabwe are beaten to death and burnt to death.
During the weekend while we were enjoying the Eurovision Song Contest and celebrating The Mother Day,dozens of people in South Africa were killed,dozens badly injured and hundreds were forced to seek refuge.
The disturbing images of barbarianism appeared on the world screens showing the brutal method of killing called “neck-lacing” – where a car tire is filled with patrol and put around the person’s neck and set a fire.The images showed young South Africans laughing and mocking a seriously injured immigrant - no pity,no sympathy.
Shame that police played a role of silent spectator – Shame that government failed to protect immigrants,shame that some criminal South Africans committed such acts of violence on the fellow Africans.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

6 Million Starving Ethiopian Children

UNICEF estimates that six million Ethiopian children under the age of five are at risk to starve and more than 120 000 have only about a month to live.
There has been poor rainy season,high food prices and corruption in every walk of life, never ending war,International political games and indifferent attitude of the developed world.
All that created a shortfall in the supply of food and medicine.Ethiopian children are dying of starvation.
Some charity,an oil rich country,a super power or United Nations Organisation should whisper in the ears of sick and starved children:
Hold on children for few more days,few more weeks or a month,help is on a way.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Sands of Time for Burmese Military Junta

Thousands of children have vanished and thousands are wandering around in distress without food, water, medicine and shelter, exposed to waterborne diseases. According to International organisations a generation of children could be wiped out if help does not reach immediately to the cyclone-stricken villages of Burma.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A candle of hope for 14000 still buried under the quake debris

I light a candle for Sichuan province where more than 22000 people perished.
Let us pray for the victims of earthquake.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Earthquake in China & Cyclone in Burma

The 7,9 magnitude earthquake hit in the Sichuan province leaving thousands dead, hundreds of thousand injured and homeless.Last weekend the deadly cyclone Nargis hit the south of Burma killing at least 30 thousand people,the death toll feared to rise to 100 000.
In the past few weeks there have been earthquakes in Japan,Alaska,Philippines,Iran and now in China.
This week Volcano erupted in southern Chile,few weeks before more than 45000 people suffered from the deadly Mosquito-Born Dengue fever,which killed at least 70 in Brazil.
Tsunamis,floods,heavy snow-falls,tropical storms,tornados,draughts,feminine and earthquakes,all the natural disasters seem to be surrounding us and the people are showing remarkable resilience.
I hope all those,who are fortunate would provide all the possible help to the victims.
The victims of Nargis cyclone,the earthquake victims of Sichuan province,they all are in my thoughts.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Beyond Human Comprehension

Austrian government is planning to launch a high profile campaign to restore its image after incest horror.
In the small town of Amstetten a 73-year old Josef Fritzl kept his teenaged daughter Elisabeth in the windowless cellar for 24 years,sexually abused her and father her with seven children.When one of the children died he burnt the body in home oven.3 of the children remained in cellar their entire life.All of them never saw daylight.
How could someone commit such a hideous crime?
Two years before it was the same question echoed all over the world when the teenager Natasha Kampusch was held in captivity in a cellar for 8 years.
Mr. Kurt Waldheim Secretary–General of UN out foxed the world.He successfully hid his Nazi SA “Sturmabteilung” uniform and served 8 years as white peace pigeon.
Yesterdays Ultra-rightist Jörg Haider is still in my memory.
The Austrian social authorities failed,Austrian Law enforcement organisations failed, the deaf,dumb and blind neighbours,the sleep - walkers of Amstetten,the Austrian government and the whole society failed.
Austrian government needs much more than an image restoring campaign.