Friday, March 30, 2007

Entrance and Exit

Some look for partners, other busy in dissolving the partnerships. People getting married and married asking for divorce. Some kick their children from homes and other trying to adopt them. There are inseminations and abortions on demand. We make rules,we break rules.We throw,we collect. We gain and we lose.We leave by one door in order to enter by other.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Variety of interpretations

The interpretations of law, religion, drama, poetry, sculptures, music and dance have been presented since the beginning of the world.
I present the different shades of life and I leave my paintings open to the variety of interpretations.

Colourful realities

There are hard, harsh and bitter realities; some are complicated, scary, brutal and painful, but they all are colourful.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Absolute gods.

There were absolute gods in all five corners.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Honeybees and highly toxic chemicals

It is an established fact that all and everything in this universe is connected and nothing is without meaning. We have to share the world with all living creatures in order to achieve balance, but we refuse to do so and such attitude has brought ecological disasters in the world.
Artist, beekeeper and envoirmentalist Erika Wain took my attention concerning bees. They are an essential element in our life, but unfortunately disappearing or becoming systematically eliminated by envoirmently unacceptable use of chemicals.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy New Year-Happy Norouz.

Norouz means new day.
Beginning of Iranian year.
Beginning of Bhai year.
In Iraq it is called Eid-al- Shajar - First day of the spring.
Nouroz is mainly celebrated in Afghanistan, Iran,Iraq,Turkey,Kurdistan and in most of the central Asian countries.
Have Fun-Sing–Dance–Enjoy and celebrate your New Year.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The shadow of death

They used to visit summer camps; the early childhood memories, childhood games and funny sweet songs followed them in their adult life. In winter they travelled to the mountains and enjoyed skiing, some flew to Canary Islands with parents. As teenagers they went on a hitchhiking tour or bag packed in Europe. They grew up and got opportunity for a sunshine tourism .The flocks of youngsters were transported in chartered planes to South Europe. They landed in Rhodes, Corfu, Kos, Crete, Mallorca and Ibiza. During the days they took sunbath and enjoyed the beach. They danced, bought cheap cocktail drinks, took drugs and had uncomplicated sex in the nights. They got red brown colour from merciless sun and after two whole weeks they came home, ready to face the harsh realities.
Then they got uniforms, automatic weapons and were transported to Afghanistan, directly from Boden with a licence to kill. The Swedish soldiers are at war with tribes and clans, with drug lords, warlords, religious fanatics and patriots, who strictly believe in a principle – A fight to the death. Afghan groups have been fighting with one another for several centuries, were at war with Soviet Union. They have their drawbacks and they have their virtues. They believe that they behave strictly according to their moral code.
Swedish soldiers don’t have to be in a hostile land under the command of blind forces, surrounded by horrors in the shadow of death.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Monday, March 19, 2007

The voice of silence

More than 10 million is the population of my home village. There educational institutions, streets, parks, shopping markets, mosques, churches, temples, cinema houses, all were overcrowded. There was a sea of people, clans, tribes, and religious groups, professional cliques, different races, different languages, poor, rich, middleclass and beggars. They did not live side by side; practically they lived on each other. Then there were animals, all lived together in a highly developed system of coexistence. When millions of people communicated with one another, when they listened music, their laughter, their cries, their fights, domestic quarrels, all the sounds created an atmosphere of chaos and yet there was a harmony in the chaos. There were loud- speakers in every mosque. The peddlers used loudspeakers as well in order to reach to wider range of customers. Above all, when electricity went off, which happened very often, all commercial places started their own generators. These sounds were symphony and cacophony at the same time. There was pouring rain of colours, bodily odours and aroma of baking and cooking.

Then I arrived in Stockholm, a well-planned, well-maintained natural beauty. There were majestic buildings, fresh air, Baltic water all around, but no people, no music, no dogs barked, deserted streets, shops and businesses closed for most of the time, no queue outside cinemas houses, no odour, no aroma. My world of sounds, colours and aroma ceased to exist, but here I learnt to listen the voice of silence.

Friday, March 16, 2007

East and West

Swedish TV programme Fame factory and Idol had powerful effect on me. The young digital musicians composed the music, wrote the lyrics and sang with great confidence. They created their own rules, mixed various styles fearlessly and offered the best performance of their young life.
In East the Masters sang devotional songs Bahjans near the Ganges river in moonlit nights and during the month of Ramadan young musicians and singers wondered from street to street in the middle of night carrying candles sticks and music instruments .One group performed for short period of time and left to another street leaving place for another group. From midnight to sun rise they sang wonderful panegyric songs; some copied the favourite melodies and some created their own songs. They performed 29 nights in a row, audience all around. It was a jury who judged the best song for Eid festival. The winners got cash, baskets of sweets,presents and a colourful turban as a trophy. The whole project was initiated and always directed by local Mullah who was neither terrorist nor radical. He did not produce insurgents or suicide bombers. He simply acted as a producer, the Bert Karlsson of the time.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Necked androgynous:

The selection for Eurovision song contest in Sweden reached to its end. A rock group called
“The Ark “ declared to be the winner. Millions of Swedes watched and actively participated in the final to influence the result. While performing the rock artist Ola Salo dropped his shirt/ blouse / top so public could examine the chest hair of the winner.
The topless performance did not fully satisfy the singer; on a way back to home he took a necked stroll on Malmö’s streets. Then appeared the photographs of his penis and buttock in press.
The whole nation has full view of necked androgynous.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pandora’s box.

Obesity is threatening Swedish population; old age diabetes among children is becoming common. An epidemic of mental sicknesses has broken out and psychiatric clinics are over- heated. Summer is becoming a nightmare for normal citizens, when mentally ill people get summer permission. Several people have lost their lives by schizophrenic people.
German sociologist Gabriel Kuby claimed that every third Swedish child in kindergarten is mentally disturbed.
Few days before a news appeared that a 14-year teenage was functioning as a pimp for her class fellow.
A young man after murdering his roommate went to bank to draw money from victim’s account.
33-year-old mother tried to take life of her 3 children aged 8,10 and 11.
The news of students mishandling their teachers seldom received with surprise.
Thefts and robberies are a daily routine, unprovoked violence is seen all around.
The rapists have spread horrors in whole Sweden.
There are organised crimes, blooming money laundry business, narcotics gangs, paedophilia groups, teenager gangs and skinheads; Pandora’s box is wide opened and authorities seem to be helpless to deal with new realities.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Picture on thick flowery glazed paper:

The departmental stores, small boutiques, shops around the corner or fruit & vegetable stalls in Sweden show a powerful demonstration of globalisation. There are tomatoes from Spain, Olive oil from Greece, Dates from Turkey, melon from Colombia, avocados from Brazil, Basmati rice from Pakistan, pickles and relish from India, 100% cotton shirt from Bangladesh, stylish caps from Vietnam, merchandise from Malaysia, Indonesia, china, Hong Kong, Korea and literary from every possible country of the world. I experience a harmonic United Nations Organisation in each commercial place.
Once proudly I showed a daily newspaper from my homeland to a Swedish journalist friend.
He examined it thoroughly, balanced the paper between his thumb and finger, slowly lifted it up and said softly,
“ National Daily, in such size, such lay-out and so many colours –it can not be a serious news paper.” It passed 35 years, today Swedish papers have adopted the “ unthinkable” size , lay out and there is an explosion of colours creating special effects on human minds.
It was 20 years ago when we approached the local police station to get a brief extension for my mother’s stay in Sweden. The kind police lady was amazed to see her passport with thick flowery glazed paper used for each page. While fixing a stamp on the passport in fascination she murmured,” orient “
My Swedish friends showed surprise, when I mentioned annoying advertisement on Radio and TV, more than three decades latter, thick flowery glazed paper appeared on Swedish passports, hundreds of TV channels are trying to brain wash people with their annoying advertisements in Sweden.
Sweden is not an Island, nothing is surprising, shocking, amazing any more. Sweden has become a part of global village.